How to Get Rid of Fleas & Ticks from your Lawn

If you are a pet owner, or if the neighbors have a few cats and dogs, it is imperative that lawn flea control be initiated. Once fleas invade your property, getting rid of them isn’t easy. Luckily, lawn flea control Waterford Works NJ is available that stops the problems before they start. Here are a few of the top ways to keep fleas and ticks out of your lawn and your home.

Pest Control Company

Your number one defense against fleas in the lawn is professional maintenance from a qualified professional. Those OTC products do not provide thorough benefit, so spend the extra money with the professional to get what you really want and need is well worth the efforts.

Cut the Grass

Cutting the grass is one of those tiresome tasks that no one wants to do, but must in order to keep the lawn looking nice. Not only does the lawn look amazing when it is well kept, it also minimizes the hiding places for fleas and ticks.

Pest Control Product

Human repellent against fleas and ticks are available at reasonable cost. Consider purchasing and using these items.

Keep it Clean

Another brilliant way to keep a neat appearance, enhance curb appeal and minimize fleas and ticks is to keep the lawn neat and clean. Pick up any trash rather than allow it to accumulate outside. Also remove wood, stones, and bricks, since fleas and ticks both love hiding in these areas.

Pesticide Perimeter Treatment

Available from the professional flea treatment expert, you can use a pesticide perimeter treatment if you do not have pets and want to keep the neighbor dog’s fleas off of your lawn. Talk to your professional about this service. It is used by many and very valuable.